The ai:L team carries out third-party funded research in the field of light and energy-efficient construction and multifunctional facades. The research activities are closely linked to teaching. Current and completed projects of the institute are presented below.

Yield-optimized orientated PV modules in concrete facades

Development of a ventilated exposed concrete facade with integrated, yield-optimized orientated PV-modules.

The parametrically optimized facade as an energy source

Fusion of architectural design and energy yields in a back-ventilated BIPV facade from aluminium composite panels.

Multifunctional building components from Carbon Concrete

The potentials of the new composite material Carbon Concrete enable to integrate functions of a buildung into fair faced concrete facades and wall paneling.

Climate neutral radiant heating in Textile Concrete

Activation of the static Textile Concrete reinforcement for heating of interior spaces through utilisation of the conductive properties of carbon.

Textile reinforced concrete under temperature stress

Analysis of the mechanical and structural behavior of space-enclosing elements from textile reinforced concrete in semi-thermic and high-thermic sections.

vacuum-insulated textile reinforced concrete facade elements

Development of an extremely light-weight and energy efficient exposed concrete facade, insulated by vacuum insulation panels (VIP).

Solar air system for the heating of buildings with high thermal mass

Heating for an historic castle cellar through solar-air-collectors with integrated photovoltaic modules.