Structural realisation of a parametrically optimised solar facade

The project SOLARshell-Transfer examines and tests the market-oriented design and technical implementation of the results of the preceding project SOLARshell in practice. Small PV modules, which can be flexibly integrated into facades to scale, are optimally rotated towards the sun from the facade plane by parametric-generative computer calculations during the design process, depending on the direction of the compass and shading. The yield per square metre of PV surface can thus be increased by up to 55% compared to modules installed in a planar arrangement.

A prototype facade of approx. 300 m² is applied to a commercial new building project and a test demonstrator of approx. 20 m² is erected on the manufacturer's exhibition and test site. Insertion, fastening and wiring of the photovoltaic modules are researched in variants and tested via component tests with regard to mechanical strength, stability and fire behaviour. The process of certification including external monitoring is run through and the facades are finally evaluated via monitoring.

Video Animation

Video Clip for the Energy Awards 2018

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